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Erin Brockovich takes on the North Texas Municipal Water District

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PLANO- To drink, or not to drink?

That's the question some Plano residents are asking because their water's had a little bit of a smell lately.

It's got clean water activist Erin Brockovich is coming after the water treatment plant.

"We've been doing it for a about a decade," said Mike Rickman from the North Texas Municipal Water District. "What we do during this period is turn the ammonia off so you're getting chlorine, just regular chlorine without the do smell more of a chlorine residual, but the chlorine is exactly the same amount that we use."

Plant officials say the water meets all state standards and is perfectly fine to drink.

But Brockovich says there's more to the story. She's accused the plant of "cutting corners" and dropping the ammonia to find a quick fix for a mistake they've made.

"We're following all of the state and federal requirements related to a public drinking supply." Rickman said. "This is a proactive measure to make sure we can maintain good water quality during the warm summer months as the water temperatures increase."

The procedure the plant is using that's causing the smell and taste difference is supposed to wrap on march 26th so for now, looks like Plano residents will have to decide who to trust before they pour up.

"It is absolutely safe to drink," Rickman.

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