Simon Says: It Feels Like Black Lives Don’t Matter In the Conference Room

You’ve all probably heard: someone we all know wants to join the club.

P. Diddy, once again, made it clear he wants to buy the Carolina Panthers.  Now, we all know green is the color that makes things happen in the NFL—but if Diddy does become an owner, he will walk into a room that’s white.  Because this is what all NFL owners look like.

He could become the Rosa Parks of the Owners Box!

When it comes to sports—you’ll find plenty of black players running around—but not many run things.

Here we are in 2018, and it sure feels like people who look like this aren’t running things in a conference room near you.

Look what happened when I googled the executive leadership of some of the biggest brands. Look who’s running Walmart ----I’m sure they are smart, but they are also white.   Ok, I found two African Americans here –but one is the head of diversity.

Disney was the leader in adding color to animation, but their management team doesn’t have any.

The leaders at Apple all fall from the same tree. The only color at Apple: on the phone case shelf.

And as Amazon is looking for its second headquarters ---it looks like they should be also be looking for something else.

I’m not trying to say all companies should make token hires, but don’t you think it’s easier to run a business if you get leaders with insight and opinions who don’t look or sound the same? When one view of the world runs the room it’s harder to connect with people.

Maybe that’s why it took forever for a studio like Disney to make a movie about a black superhero.  Just think, they could have had a billion dollars years ago if someone like this had anything to do with it.

Yeah, Diddy had nothing to do with Black Panther, but these Panthers are available ---and let’s just hope it doesn’t become a black and white issue.