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Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno named honorary Irving cop

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IRVING, TX-- The hulk is in town, but this time as a police officer!

Lou Ferrigno, the actor who played the hulk back in the 80s, is now an honorary Irving cop.

Surprisingly enough, Ferrigno is in town this weekend for a pinball festival in Frisco. You might have seen him say that in a tweet on Thursday.


It looks like he's got a lot more on his agenda, too!

He stopped by the Irving Police Department to get his official badge and also speak to the kids in the Police Athletic League.

"It's a wonderful police department here. I read about and I've heard about them. It's more than just police officers. They care about the community," Ferrigno said. "Body building kept me away from drugs it's so many kids today with obesity, they sit on the couch, taking drugs, smoking pot and that's that false sense of being. We need to curb that".

"That's why a community like this is important. Also, I'm here to spread the good word because the more people will learn about this as a place for kids to come and join and be a part of," he added.

The community welcomed him with open arms.

"It was awesome. I got to meet someone that  I grew up watching when  I was a child; their age. So, I told them: 'Hey, this is the original incredible hulk'," Irving resident Roberto Hernandez said.

"It was exciting because like seeing a famous person in Irving is amazing," resident Icurus Garcia said. "The hulk now is like CGI and everything but the hulk back then was like all buff and stuff".

"When they see someone like Lou Ferrigno. They can all YouTube him. They can all Google him. They can all see that he's been around forever and to see how he is today and the shape he's in and how that kind of discipline and commitment really leads to a lifetime of physical fitness," Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey said.

It seems the new officer in town is a smash hit!


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