Surveillance video: BMW backs into parking spot, steals purse out of woman’s back seat while she was inside

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DALLAS-- In a matter of seconds, in broad daylight, a criminal who has some real guts was caught on camera in Dallas.

“Traumatizing,” says Connie Yuan. She’s the owner of Queen Beads off of Harry Hines Blvd.

Yuan closed up shop at 6:00pm on Monday like any other day. She said goodbye to her employee in the parking lot, and got into her car.

“I got in, and I was just adjusting the seat.” says Yuan.

That’s when she heard her back door open. “I thought it was my worker, because when I turned around, I was like Karen?”

But, it wasn’t Karen.

What she saw later, on the surveillance footage, is keeping her up at night.

“I was just like, oh my god.” says Yuan.

A silver BMW was watching Yuan from across the parking lot. The people inside must have seen her put her purse in the back seat and wanted it.

Just as Yuan closed her car door, the BMW backs into the spot next to her’s, a guy gets out, snatches her purse and it drives off.

It all happened in a matter of seconds.

“Everything was in there.” says Yuan.

But, it’s not about the designer purse, the cash, or any of her stuff that’s gone.Yuan wants you to learn from it.

“If they have that kind of braveness to just come in while you are in there, what else could they possibly do, you know?”

She says all that’s running through her head is that she should have locked her doors. “Be super aware of what’s around you.” says Yuan.

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