The Real Thing? Truck full of help for Florida explodes

Most of us have offered up our thoughts and prayers to the kids of Parkland, Florida, and their parents and teachers. 17 people were killed in the shooting at a high school there.

So this story seemed to show tragedy piling on tragedy: "Tractor-trailer carrying thoughts and prayers bound for Florida explodes on I-95."

There's a picture and the story says the truck was carrying 11 tons of thoughts and prayers. We thought they meant cards and flowers and such.

The story comes from "" But scroll down the page a bit and you'll see the same picture with a headline that has one word changed: "Tractor-trailer carrying thoughts and prayers bound for Texas explodes on I-95."

This one claims the truck was bound for hurricane victims in southeast Texas.

Hmmm. Both crashes supposedly happened on I-95 in Kingsland, Georgia.

The stories are almost identical, even down to this outrageous (and obviously made up) quote from Wendy Bradly at Liberty University: "Thoughts and prayers have the potential to become extremely volatile. Under the right conditions, they can generate the destructive power of a low-yield atomic bomb."

Well, we know "" is not behind these pictures. There was no tractor-trailer crash involving thoughts and prayers.

The picture was actually from the Dallas Morning News when they covered a tire fire at the Yello Belly Drag Strip.

Guys, if you're gonna try to pull one over on us, at least fake it with a different picture!

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