Can you score those hard-to-get concert tickets? Gotta beat the scalpers!

DALLAS - We know people around here are serious about their concerts, and we've got some big names are rolling through soon.

Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, T. Swift, Queen Bey and Jay Z are all heading this way, but the question is will you even be able to get in the building?

"With the bigger venues in Dallas, if you're a true fan, you've got to be willing to spend close to $1000 just to get close to a stage," said Hannah, a DFW concert goer.

These days it only takes minutes for concerts to sell out. Scalpers are quick to buy out big name tickets and re-sell them at crazy prices and nobody has the time or money for all that.

"I tried to get tickets for Justin and they've been gone for a while," Hannah said. "It's like, feed my kid or spend $1000 to see Justin."

So how can you score seats to see your faves? It's not much, but your best bet is to get in on the pre-sales. Sites like Ticketmaster often offer early grabs for fans who have a specific credit card or are registered in the artist's official fan club.

May the odds be ever in your favor!