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Decedents of Frida Kahlo want new Barbie taken off shelves

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EL SEGUNDO, CA-- A feud is brewing over one of new the dolls released by Barbie to celebrate Women's History Month.

The doll that honors the life of Frida Kahlo is getting quite the backlash. It's not just the social media trolls who have an issue. Now, the late Mexican artist's family says Mattel, a toy making company, stole the rights to use her image.

The family released a statement saying in part: "Mrs. Mara Romeo, great-niece of Frida Kahlo, is the sole owner of the rights of the image of the illustrious Mexican painter Frida Kahlo".

Both Mattel and the Frida Kahlo Corporation said that's not true.

Even if the company does have rights, the family said the company didn't depict her accurately. They've accused Mattel of distorting her image neglecting her values and everything she stood for.

A host of folks on social media agree. People are even threatening to block friends who buy the doll.

They're saying the doll is too "white washed". They're asking where her wheel chair is since she was debilitated for many years following a bus crash.

They're even suggesting that her uni-brow isn't thick enough.

It seems the figurine was a bit "too dolled up" for their liking.


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