Chew on This: Jalisco Norte wants you to eat outside the box

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DALLAS – Mexican restaurants in Texas are pretty easy to come by. So, when Chef Jose Meza chose to call Jalisco Norte home, that's exactly how he wanted customers to feel when they ate there.

"We wanted to make a restaurant with low ceilings, different rooms where the people can be comfortable,” Meza told Newsfix.

And to fully experience comfort, you gotta like what you see – especially when it comes to the menu.

"We wanted to show the people how the things are supposed to be done,” Meza said. "For the ones who are from Mexico to have flashbacks at the time they're eating here, and for the ones who haven't had the chance to go there to know the food and see the difference of what they already think Mexican food is about."

With items like traditional chilaquiles, to the grilled branzino, to the ceviche - even tamales.

Chew on This: Jalisco Norte is offering monthly features that encourage eaters to step outside their comfort zone. Case in point, the escamoles – A.K.A. -  ant eggs.

"The people never know how it's going to taste,” Meza said. “They always get scared and think it's going to be something strong and it's not it's very smooth.”

If you're not brave enough to try these, don't worry. You won't need any convincing when it comes to the desserts, which are basically edible art. Like the Carlota de Limon, an eggless custard pie served with honey cookie crumble and meringue.

So, if you're looking for messy nachos with loads of sour cream, that's not what you're going to get from Jalisco Norte. Meza wants Dallas diners to take a chance.

"I don't want them to suffer during their dinners; I want them to have a pleasant time in the restaurant,” Meza told Newsfix. "The idea and the concept behind the food is to inspire guests and cooks and people."

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