Plano church gives $125,000 to members

PLANO – A preacher at a Plano church really taught his members the meaning of giving back with his “joyful generosity.”

Pastor Paul Mussachio gave attendees of the Preston Meadow Lutheran Church envelopes with various amounts of cash totaling to $125,000.

Each envelope had a blank check with an amount of $250, $500 to $1,000. The catch? Members had to cash it before Easter and find ways to pay it forward, especially for those in need, instead of giving it back to the church.

Along with the envelope was a pamphlet explaining the giving project.

“Generosity, we believe, isn’t how much you have or how much you give, but it is who you are toward other people in life, and we wanted to live that out in a big way,” Mussachio said.