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FBI allegedly paid Geek Squad employees to search computers

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BROOKS, KY -- Did the FBI hire a bunch of geeks to become 'narcs?

That's what the Electronic Frontier Foundation is saying, claiming Best Buy's Geek Squad has been cozying up with the Feds for at least a decade, and some employees were even paid to report child porn.

This all started when a doctor in California allegedly got busted for child porn after dropping his laptop off with Geek Squad. He then claimed the feds hired the computer repair company to snoop for child porn, and new documents report the FBI paid a Geek Squad employee $500  linked to this case.

If Law and Order taught us anything, we know "active searching" without your consent violates your 4th amendment right to privacy!

The doctor's charges were dropped in 2017 after a federal judge said the image found by the Geek Squad employee wasn't enough evidence for a warrant, and the image didn't qualify as child porn.

In a statement, Geek Squad tried to clear the air saying "Our Geek Squad repair employees discover what appears to be child pornography on customers' computers nearly 100 times a year. Our policies prohibit employees from doing anything other than what is necessary to solve the customer's problem."

Hey now, if you can't trust the geeks or the Feds, who can you trust?

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