Doctors in Canada protest pay raises, saying it’s too much

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QUEBEC – Doctors in Canada are protesting a pay raise, but not for reasons most working people complain about their pay. The doctors are saying it’s too much money.

“We, Quebec doctors who believe in a strong public system, oppose the recent salary increases negotiated by our medical federations,” a letter from the group says.

More than 500 doctors and residents, joined by 150 medical students, signed a public letter condemning the salary raises determined by the medical federations, according to, The group says it’s offensive they would get raises while nurses and other medical staff members deal with adverse working conditions and patients dealing with drastic cuts access to Canada’s public health care system.

And they’re not kidding about their feelings on the subject. “The only thing that seems to be immune to the cuts is our remuneration,” the letter says.

The group is asking not only for their raises to be canceled, but for the money to be redistributed “to promote the health of the population and meet the needs of patients without pushing workers to the end.”

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