A teenage girl thirsted so hard for Michael B. Jordan, she BROKE her retainer!

SAN FRANCISCO -- Weeks after Black Panther hit the big screen, the hype still hasn't died!

Just ask 18-year old Sophia Robb.

She got so riled up during Michael B. Jordan's shirtless scene that she actually broke her retainer!

Turns out, after an emergency visit to fix her grill, Sophia's orthodontist went on Tumblr and commented on the whole ordeal!

That post got around, Sophia saw it, and was obviously mortified.

Well, that tweet went viral, getting thousands of likes and retweets, but don't worry! Her doc won't get in trouble because he didn't actually say who it was, but that didn't stop Sophia from saying something!

After the damage was done, she got more than the internet's attention! Michael B. Jordan himself noticed and offered to pay up!

Of course, the internet chimed in:

We just have to wonder how awkward that next appointment is going to be!