Dallas doctors deliver second baby born from a transplanted uterus

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DALLAS — The docs at Baylor Scott & White have done it again. On Tuesday they announced a second woman has given birth with a transplanted uterus.

“It’s fantastic, it’s a great feeling,” said Dr. Liza Johannesson. “I mean emotionally we’re in the same spot that we were with the first birth. It’s a really fantastic moment.”

The first birth was just back in November so the success rate for this futuristic procedure is picking up, and this second birth proves they’re on the right track.

“We’re still learning from every case we do, we’re not nearly knowing everything about this so we are advancing every day,” Dr. Johannesson said.

And the end goal of that advancement is simple: bringing an end to infertility for women who suffer from uterus issues. And now with Baylor Scott and White leading the way here in Dallas, they can share all they’ve learned with the world.

“The sooner we share experiences, the sooner all the centers will come on board with performing this procedure for the women who need it, then the more we will be able to help these women,” said Dr. Giuliano Testa. “We are talking about thousands of women who may look into uterus transplant as a solution to their infertility.”

So it may not be long at all before uterus transplants are as common as kidney transplants. That’ll mean no more big press conferences when they happen, but a lot more happy parents in the world!

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