WATCH: New video released by ISIS shows U.S. soldiers get caught in ambush

TONGO TONGO, NIGER -- Here's a bullet no one can dodge. Isis has released a disturbing new video showing a dramatic ambush in Niger that took the lives of four U.S. soldiers last October.

The video, taken from a helmet cam, shows the soldiers' last moments on a low-risk patrol in Tongo Tongo.

Altogether, there were about 11 american soldiers and at least 30 Nigerien soldiers attacked. Most people didn't even know the U.S. had a military presence in Niger.

The video shows men in green berets trying to take cover behind an SUV as ISIS militants approach. That's when the ambush got bloody.

Two of the soldiers killed were La David Johnson and Dustin Wright. Both men's families were part of a public spat with President Trump over his phone call to a victim's widow.

Like many people who have witnessed the video so far, the loved ones have a lot of questions about the soldiers' deaths.

So far, the U.S. government hasn't commented on the video, but the Pentagon's expected to release the findings from its investigation later this week.