Hawk love affair proves side chicks exist in the animal kingdom, too!

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NEW YORK, NY -- It's the most scandalous love triangle to hit the Big Apple!

A husband and father of ten was caught by his wife getting it on with another woman, but with a little twist! This love affair is made of a hawk trio!

Christo and Nora

Get this, Christo, the male, and Dora, his wifey, have reigned over Tompkins Square Park for years. That was until Dora had to go to rehab for a messed up wing. Not too long after, Nora, A.K.A not Dora, swooped in and peacocked all in front of Christo!

Eventually, the day came when Dora came back from rehab and found her hubby getting freaky with his mistress! Which is a no, no in the hawk world considering many of them mate for life.

So not surprisingly, that's when all hell broke loose. Laura Goggin has been watching them like a hawk on her blog and said the three flew around the park screaming at each other.

Bird-watchers say Dora and Christo have patched things up even though he still visits his side chick.

We all know the internet has a few things to say about that!

It looks like Christo is trying to make it work with both ladies, but you know what they say, three's a crowd!

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