Study: Average Uber or Lyft driver makes $3.37, Dallas driver says ‘I don’t buy it!’

DALLAS-- Would you work a job making three dollars and thirty seven cents an hour? Didn`t think so.

That's how much an average Lyft or Uber driver makes, that's according to a new study. It claims a third of drivers are actually losing money. And nearly 75% are making less than minimum wage.

We hopped into an Uber to find out what a driver has to say about it. "I don't buy it," he says. "Yeah, yeah I do okay. I mean, when you consider wear and tear on your vehicle, and gas, I do okay. It's not great, but it's making a living."

While this driver wouldn't recommend it as a full time job, there is money to be made on weekends, events, and when prices surge.

He says it's better than the alternative job... "I wouldn't want to get into a taxi, let me put it like that, and I am so much better than a taxi. So, I would not want to downgrade to a taxi at all."

Shifting gears, as you might imagine Uber isn't too happy about this new study. They are calling the researcher out, saying: "While the paper is certainly attention grabbing, its methodology and findings are deeply flawed."

Either way, there's one lesson we learned here today... tip your driver nicely, people!