Chew on This: Daddy Mac’s makes a sweet entrance into Dallas’ fried chicken scene

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DALLAS -- When Gary McMillian started his chicken restaurant, Daddy Mac's in Dallas, it was less about fortune, and more about fate.

"Fried chicken is something that I've literally been eating since before I was born,” McMillian told Newsfix. "My mother tells some stories about how she used to send my father all the time – that was her urge when she was pregnant with me."

And we all know birthing a business is time consuming, especially if it's not your only job.

"I am still a full-time teacher in Dallas ISD,” McMillian said. “I'm at Atwell Middle School every day. I've kept it, to certain degree, just because I actually enjoy the time spent there with the kids. Some of them have interest in business. They're always shocked when they find out I own a restaurant. I can give them little tidbits of information and kind of inspire them to a little bit towards the idea of entrepreneurialism.”

And when he's not busy teaching, McMillian is serving the community some pretty solid bites. From original offerings, like fried chicken wings and tenders with Daddy Mac's signature seasonings – which you can also get spicy -- to something a little more sweet.

Chew on This: Daddy's Mac’s is the only spot in DFW offering the “The Sugar Daddy.”

"Which sounds strange at first, until you actually taste it,” McMillian said. "We season the chicken, we also have a little honey maple glaze over it, and a little powdered sugar. So it gives a sweet and salty thing that's hard to resist."

And they go best with the “Sugar Mama” sweet potato fries. And the sides – like the boudin balls – are just as good as the chicken. Just make sure you save room for Mama's banana pudding, made by Gary's mother.

So, whether you're craving sweet, savory, or everything in between – come to Daddy – and leave a happy camper!

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