Can’t afford a prom dress? Please don’t skip it, the Dallas Public Library is here for you!

DALLAS--  Every girl dreams of a prom night straight out of a movie. But some girls never end up going because they can't afford a dress.

Seriously, the average person spends around 600 dollars on prom! Between hair, makeup, nails, a dress… many pay over a thousand.

“I worked two jobs so that I could afford to go to prom,” says Monique Christian-Long with the Dallas Public Library. “A lot of the parents, you know they struggle to make prom happen for their child because it’s a right of passage.”

Any high school girl who can’t afford one can come get her dream dress on March 10th.

“Something new to them at least,” says Christian-Long.

They have more than 1,000 options waiting.

“During the day of the prom dress give away, we actually provide for them a fairy god mother, who goes through the process with them and helps them find the perfect dress for them.”

If you already had your moment… there is still time to donate your dress and give someone their happy ever after.