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‘Ballots and Booze’ group lets you pour up for democracy!

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DALLAS- Time to to pour up and hit the polls!

Well...not at the same time.

Ballots and Booze is a group trying to inform voters who's on the ballot...all over a drink!

"It is so that when you walk into the voting booth, that you know who's on the ballot and you pretty much know who you're gonna vote for," said Mita Havlick, an organizer with Ballots and Booze.

Sounds like the best way to learn about politics!

Ballots and Booze organizers say this isn't a trap to sway you one way or another. They're just providing access to info and positions that the candidates themselves have put out there.

Ya know, so you can actually make an educated vote.

"This is a non-partisan initiative, we just want people to be engaged in the voting process," Havlick said. "We want them to be informed when they're voting. It has been skewed, we have seen more individuals who are interested in Democratic race than the Republican race, but definitely all are welcome."

Tuesday night's Ballots and Booze was at Mac's Southside in Dallas, but organizer's say even if you missed it, you'll have more chances to drink for democracy.

"You have a couple of drinks while you're talking to people, and get educated," Havlick said. "It's just a fun way to get informed."

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