Nearby residents living in ‘limbo’ after deadly house explosion

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DALLAS -- Christina Valdez lives on the same street where a house explosion killed 12-year-old Linda Rogers last week.

Valdez told NewsFix since the incident, she's noticing more and more damage.

"All this here cracks and it goes all the way along all the down to the house," Valdez explained. "It's from the explosion I'm like a block down."

The damage is the least of Valdez's worries right now. Atmos Energy told Valdez and most of her neighbors they're safe to live in their homes, but they'll have to wait for service to be restored.

"We don't have any gas, we don't have any heat we don't have any hot water," Valdez added.

She thinks it's not safe to live in her home right now especially without the basic necessities considering she has two handicap relatives she takes care of. Just like hundreds of other displaced residents, Valdez has been staying in hotels. She goes back and forth between the hotel and her house to feed her dogs, get fresh clothes and check her mail.

"We wanna know why did this happen or how did it all start because it's already getting worse," she said.

Atmos announced more mandatory evacuations this morning making 390 homes and 90 apartment units that have been evacuated since the deadly house explosion.

That's not including the fire-station on Lombardy Lane that was evacuated last night after a reported gas leak.

"We're just in limbo here, we don't know how long this going to be."