Dallas police kill suspect following Uptown apartment manager’s murder

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DALLAS -It was scary scene in Dallas Tuesday after an apartment complex manager was shot dead, allegedly by a former security guard at that same complex.

It happened at the North End Apartments in the 2300 block of North Field Street, just after 10 a.m. A few residents we talked to believe the guard was upset about losing his job.

"One security guy I've talked to, he's the guy that said, 'Watch out for this one guy' and I just, I didn't know who they were taking about," one man said.

"I was literally on my way to stop and pick up a package in the complex until i saw all these cars and they said something was going on," another resident said.

A scary situation for the mother of a woman who worked there. "I'm just waiting to talk to my daughter. She was working here," the woman said. "I'm concerned right now because I haven't been able to speak with her."

Police reportedly caught up with the suspect hours later in the 2100 block of Hulse, where he reportedly got into a shootout with police.

"When they encountered the individual, he exited the vehicle, produced a hand gun, there was an exchange of gunfire, one of the officer's vehicle was struck, and subsequently, the suspect has expired," Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall said in a press conference.

NewsFix caught up with the suspect's family members. "They effin murdered him, that's what they told me," a relative said. "I'm his father!"

"I am mesmerized, dumbfounded, shocked. It's awful. I'm a tenant, she acted as a landlady, truly wonderful person. We've always joked. We both mutually know one of our former bosses," a resident said of the murdered woman.

Right now, residents can only lean on one another as they wait for answers for the unthinkable crime.