WATCH: Tennessee and Kentucky towns start recovery after deadly storms

CENTRAL UNITED STATES-- If you think you're feeling the weather woes here in Texas, think again.

"Sounded like dynamite with all the windows busted out, " said Tennessee storm survivor Adam Edwards.

Deadly storms ripped through parts of Kentucky and Tennessee late Saturday night.

In Robertson County, Tennessee,  a storm severely damaged a home, flipped vehicles and uprooted trees. In Clarksville, Tennessee, at least three people were hurt, several homes and about 75 cars were destroyed.

While authorities are still surveying damage, they've already found one person dead in Louisville, Kentucky. A second person drowned while in a vehicle submerged by flooding in Simpson County, Kentucky.

For the survivors, this incident is very surreal.

"It's gonna take time everything is in gods hands, he let us live through the day, so we're just gonna let it be in his hands," Tennessee storms survivor Heather Edwards said.

No better time than now to make sure we are all prepared to weather the storms, if they come.