Organization brings students to the court for a behind the scenes experience at TCU

FORT WORTH, TX-- The Communities in Schools (CIS) organization teamed up with Texas Christian University to give young girls a chance to score big.

CIS took 20 at risk girls from Leonard Middle School and Western Hills Elementary in Fort Worth to TCU for a behind the scenes experience.

The students come from troubled homes. So, the group hopes to expose them to a more positive game plan.

“You know a lot of the students we serve sometimes don’t get opportunities to get outside of the neighborhoods in which they live. Here’s an opportunity for these young women to really get a better understanding of what all’s out there,” Cory Henderson, Vice President of CIS said.

“I think these girls are going to, most importantly, realize the hard work that it takes, number one to get to college and number two to be an athlete in college, but, also realize that there’s plenty of opportunities out there through hard work and dedication, that the opportunities are endless,” he continued.

The girls got a chance to see all of the athletic areas, meet and greet with super frog and cheerleaders, and even got to spend some quality time on the court with the lady-ballers themselves.

"This is like a miracle, like I always wanted to do this," one student said. "I feel like it`s my birthday," another student said.

"It's fun, I mean I got to meet the basketball players and the cheerleaders and especially the mascot cause the mascot is cool," a third student said.

CIS hopes that moments like these will be just the motivation the girls need to stay in the game.