Dallas neighborhood picks up the pieces following deadly explosion

DALLAS, TX-- The family of a 12-year-old killed in an explosion is picking up the pieces as authorities begin their investigation into the incident.

It all happened early Friday morning near Espanola Drive. Dallas Fire and Rescue said the explosion was the third and most dangerous one to happen in the neighborhood.

"I really feel sorry for the family. They had to lose a child for some action to be taken," neighbor Louis Campbell said.

After a mandatory evacuation, homeowners were allowed back in on Saturday.

Now, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the probable cause since the incident involved a natural gas pipeline.

"The process has not started yet. Right now, I just looked at the scene. I looked at all three homes that has suffered damage recently. [The] main focus of course is the that was a fatality,"Investigator Ravi Chhatre said at a press conference on Sunday.

NTSB hopes that its investigation will not only shed light into what happened, but also help find ways to protect everyone from explosions in the future.

"We don't want any community to go through the tragedy like you guys have again," Chhatre said.

While the whole block is recovering altogether, Atmos energy is working on restoring gas to the neighborhood; one section at a time.