Time’s running out! Better get your Girl Scout Cookies while you can!

DALLAS- If you've been looking for Girl Scout Cookies, but haven't seen many troops out this week, blame mother nature.

"We had to cancel a lot of things for Girl Scouts," said Valeria Meza while selling cookies at her troop's booth.  "I don't like that."

But not even the bad weather can stop a true hustler.

Meza is still out making sales because this weekend is the last chance for you to buy boxes that can help the ladies reach their goal for the year.

"This is the business aspect of it, but this is also a way that they get to interact with people and learn how to hold a conversation," said her mom Laura Meza.

If you don't know the Girl Scout plug in your city, it's all good, they've got you covered!

Their app and website have locators for when and where you can find a booth.

But you better hurry if you want some!