California couple face new charges in torture case

RIVERSIDE, CA-Stoic and emotionless, David and Louise Turpin were back in court on Friday.

The couple accused of torturing their 13 children faced additional charges. Three counts of child abuse and a count of felony assault to Louise Turpin's long list of charges.

"Further investigation that we've been doing in this case has led us to further investigation has led us to amend the complaint," said prosecutor John Hall.

You'll remember the house of horror in Perris, California where their children were found chained up, severely malnourished and allowed to shower only once a year.

Neighbors are still shocked as to how this could happen in their own backyard.

"It just seems so awful, I couldn't believe that people would treat their kids that way," said Carol Anderson.

The kids, who range in age from two to 29 were taken to the hospital after being freed from their tormented home and are now making great strides in their recovery.

The Turpins have pleaded not guilty to all counts. Their next court date is set for March 23rd.