The never-ending rain in North Texas probably affecting your mood

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ROCKWALL -- We're all sick of the rain, but could the rain be making us sick?!

Places like Rockwall are seeing major flooding in streets and creeks, but even in you aren't getting the worst of this still sucks, and your mood is probably reflecting it.

"Whenever there's a change in the rain or the seasons, that circadian rhythm has to accommodate," said Dr. David Henderson of the Four Stones Collaborative Group.  "You can see some changes hormonally that take place that do have an impact on their mood."

We're all wondering how to simply survive this rain, and make it back to some good ole Texas weather, because y'all know we can't drive in the rain!

"Relaxing," Henderson suggested. "If you're running late, you just have to recognize and accept that 'Hey I might be late, but it's certainly worth my stress levels.'"

But why is this even happening? Are the Texas clouds crying out for our boy, Billy Graham?

We don't know, but we're over it.

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