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Simon Says: Leave the Parkland Kids Alone! They have it harder than you

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Those kids from Parkland have been riding some major emotional extremes. MurderMourning, and now just mad.

A lot of you are applauding them with their gun protests, others, not so much. A now former aide to a Florida legislator lost his job when he suggested the kids were “crisis actors.”

The only conspiracy here? How to be tone deaf to a sad situation.

Leave these kids alone!

Today’s high school student has a lot more to deal with than just 20 years ago.

Talk about a “senior moment,” the class of 2018 has had to deal with choosing what kind of bullet proof back packs to buy. There’s over 40 results on this Google page.  They’re used to “active shooter” drills being as common as the fire drill.

There’s a good chance they know of someone who hooked on heroin or prescription drugs. There’s also a good chance one of their teachers likes to “teach” something else.


It’s no wonder words like depression, anxiety and suicide are part of everyday conversations. This study was 4 years ago. You get the feeling it’s worse now.

By the way, once you maneuver high school, you get to deal with how to pay for college. Good luck.

The kids from Douglas High School just got served a big portion of “awful” on top of the minefield of “lousy” ALL High school kids walk through each day. So you trolls out there, lay off these kids! They’re teaching all of us valuable life lesson—it’s called resiliency 

Just days after tragedy, they’re focused, organized and speaking from their soul. The kind of talk we just don’t seem to hear in Washington, because it feels so many people there have already sold their soul.

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