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Kool-Aid, fried-chicken, watermelon flavored water served at NYU’s “Black History Month” celebration

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NEW YORK, NY--  People aren't really feeling what New York University served up for their so-called "Black History Month" meal.

The lunch menu reportedly included: ribs, corn bread, collard greens, Kool-Aid, and watermelon-flavored water. It had several students at NYU saying the spread was in poor taste. For example, sophomore Nia Harris was one of the first to express her frustration on Facebook. She posted an email she'd sent to the dean's office saying the meal was "racially insensitive and ignorant."

Nia also claims when she spoke to the dining hall's head chef he assured her that the meal wasn't racially insensitive because it was made by quote "cooks who are black."

Well,  NYU's president responded with an apology.

He agreed that the meal was "inexcusably insensitive" but pointed fingers at Aramark who was hired to provide the meal that day. In the end, Aramark says they fired the folks in charge of the controversial cuisine.

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