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Daughter of illegal immigrant fighting in Dallas for her father’s freedom

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DALLAS -- Whatever side of the fence you're on, the immigration problems in this country are effecting thousands of families.

Thursday morning Maria Martinez attended a deportation hearing involving her own father.

"It's very hard to accept what's going on," Maria told NewsFix. "He's a guy of right and I understand that he made a mistake but we all do,  we are humans."

Her father, Victor Martinez came to the United States illegally from Mexico nearly 20 years ago in hopes of starting a better life in Arlington.

Recently, Victor was charged with a DWI which is the first times he's ever been in trouble with the law. He was reportedly told if he served his 100-day sentence he'd be free to go but clearly that isn't the case.

"He's been responsible this whole time, for one mistake it's hard," Maria added. " He's been in jail for 100 days, they said for 100 days and you leave."

After serving his time, Victor was turned over to ICE and now his family and Faith in Texas are fighting for his freedom.

"We believe we're the kind of community , kind of government, kind of society that welcomes everyone," Reverend Wes Helm with Faith in Texas explained. "We're not the country that tears apart families and imprisons people for profit."

"I just want people to know that it's not what everybody want to make it seem, because my dad he showed me to be independent," Maria added.

Maria's graduating high school in May and will then leave to start her career in the U.S. Air Force. Thursday her dad's deportation case was postponed.

"I heard so many people go through this and I was just like 'oh, you know it's bad' but once you live it, it's completely different."

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