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Ciara Anderson talks natural hair journey and inspires Apple’s newest emoji

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DALLAS -- The history behind the African American woman's hair runs deep.

"Back then everybody was really big on perms," social media influencer,  Ciara Anderson told NewFix. "For a long time natural hair wasn't even looked at as acceptable or presentable and now everybody's big on their natural hair."

Big and natural is something Ciara Anderson knows all about. Thanks to power of social media she uses Youtube and Instagram to inspire women to be confident in their own crowns.

"For so long I was looking up to women on social media who look nothing like me," Ciara added. Their hair was nothing like mines and I was like 'you know what I need to be that representation'."

Ciara's decision to share her natural hair journey didn't start out so glamorous.

"I had patches in my head from Alopecia," Ciara explained.

But Ciara isn't alone, according to American Academy of Dermatology the number one cause of hair loss in African American women is Alopecia. The most common type is "traction alopecia" which is caused by sewn-in weaves or braids.

"For so long I didn't feel pretty without my weave if my hair wasn't long and straight I didn't think I looked good," Ciara added.

That all changed when Ciara finally built up the courage to post her TWA (teenie weenie afro).

"All the support and love that I received is something I really admire about the natural hair community, they really stick together and support each other."

Ciara also gained the support from several natural hair beauty brands. She's also the blueprint for Apple's new natural hair emoji coming to an iOS update near you!

"I was like wow I have no idea what made them wanna use my picture as their inspiration but i was really caught off guard," she added.

Whether it's a TWA or full fro more and more women, like Ciara, are being inspired to rock out naturally and just beYOUtiful!

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