Richardson shooting victim, killed in same shooting as Officer David Sherrard, laid to rest

RICHARDSON -- One week after police officer David Sherrard was laid to rest, another funeral was held for Rene Gamez, who was killed during the same shooting incident earlier this month at an apartment complex in Richardson.

Gamez, known to friends and family as "Bubba," was "always joyful," said cousin Carlos Estrada.  "He was always celebrating something.  Even when there was nothing to celebrate, he was always the life of the party.  There's nothing bad for anyone to say about him.  He was always trying to help somebody out."

That unfortunately included the man suspected of killing him and Sherrard, Brandon McCall.  Gamez' mother said he invited McCall, his friend and former roommate, to stay the night with him on February 7 because he had nowhere else to go.

An investigation into what prompted the shooting, which led to police being called and Sherrard being fatally shot while entering the apartment, is still ongoing.  McCall is currently being jailed without bond, charged with capital murder.

"We understand what's going on; it's a process," said Estrada, dressed in Gamez' favorite color, purple, as were many who attended the funeral at St. Joseph Catholic Church.

"We want justice for Bubba.  It's horrible.  There's no reason for this.  He was just trying to help a friend out."