Rachel Lindsay talks Boss Brunch, cooking for her man, and hating Valentine’s Day

DALLAS – Rachel Lindsay is more than just a pretty face that made history as the first Black Bachelorette. The Dallas attorney is making boss moves. So, it was only right for her to be a speaker at the Boss Women Who Brunch: Ultimate Vision Board Workshop event. Lindsay is set to speak about women in the workplace asking for what they are worth when it comes to pay.

"I think a lot of women are afraid to speak up about what their worth is, and what they should be paid,” Rachel Lindsay said. “I think a lot of times we're complacent and we just take whatever we get. But right now, there's this movement behind us, so I think that this is a very relevant topic."

In addition to her appearance, Lindsay dished on what she did for Valentine’s Day, cooking for her man, and Dallas eateries she loves.