#HobbyLobbyChallenge: Craft stores invaded for latest viral challenge

Hobby Lobby and other craft stores are dealing with sudden invasions that disrupt legit shoppers and leave aisles in complete chaos. It’s not the mad scrapbookers with coupons or DIY wedding planners, but something much, much scarier. It’s confident (and mostly young) social media aficianados joining the Hobby Lobby Challenge.

@_KelseyMaggart told Buzzfeed she and a friend kicked off the #HobbyLobbyChallenge late last month with a ‘Snapchat vs. Instagram’ series.

⬆ “snapchat vs instagram” — now THAT’S funny! And the challenge took off from there.

What started as an antithesis to the Ugly Location Challenge has taken over social platforms and the photos truly are pretty entertaining.

And this one. This is just funny all the way around. Yes, yes, we know it wouldn’t count if this were an Olympic sport.

But what about the shoppers who need floral for a dinner party with the boss, a new seasonal wreath for the front door, or craft time with Brownies or home school kids or the old folks home, etc?

Aisles are being blocked.

Should we mention it’s flu season and we’re all supposed to be corralling our germs, you guys??

And to the detriment of American craft store worker morale, floral supplies are being left in disharmony because apparently, a significant number of the Hobby Lobby Head Shot Guerrilla Gang (I just gave them that name) are not cleaning up after themselves.  And it’s taking its toll.

You were raised better; you know that. Enjoy the creation and sharing of photos, but (probably) especially if you are not buying, at least put everything back.

Hobby Lobby has seen its share of controversy, which is why there are those who want ZERO part of anything that gives attention to the company.

Regardless of your beliefs, I think we can all agree that returning merchandise you have picked up, but are for whatever reason not going to purchase, to its proper place at least 85% of the time (just being honest here, folks, and grocery store carts DO count in this gold-plated rule) is a fair way to pay it forward and make the world a better place.

Look how these girls made it work and they didn’t impose on anyone!