Dallas burglar caught on video stealing from pediatric therapy center

DALLAS — Stealing things from kids. It’s about as low as you can get, but it’s exactly what this man did.

Twice over the last few weeks, first on February 4 and then again February 18, this burglar has broken into the Integrative Pediatric Therapy offices, making off with 17 iPads, a couple of computers, and 2 TVs that are crucial for their therapy work.

“We work with kids. We help children with developmental disabilities and learning differences and concussion patients and all we do is help people,” Dr. Sally Fryer Dietz said. “And to have somebody that comes in and just completely violates our space was a horrible feeling.”

You can even see him on video, potentially casing the joint for another future break-in, but they’ve boosted up security to help prevent that.

“We have 24-hour security. We have a whole new alarm system that’s going in and we have people watching and we have his face out all over the place,” Dr. Dietz said.

And with the culprit’s face clear as day, they hope they can catch him soon.

“The police have come out and fingerprinted and done everything they need,” she said. “But I think we need to have people who can identify the guy. We have good pictures of him and people like this really need to be stopped.”

So you guys know the drill! If you recognize this jerk, contact DPD and let them know. Because nobody steals from kids in this town and gets away with it!