Legends of Tomorrow S03 E10: Nora Darhk’s origin story, and who are the 3 unknown totems?

Hello my Legends Legionaries! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

The Legends of Tomorrow return from their mid-season break with guest John Constantine who pulls our Legends to modern day Star City for a demon possessed girl in an asylum. And surprise! It's young Nora Darhk! And surprise!

That demon is season big bad Mallus! It's also kinda of our first face to non-corporeal face battle with the dimensional demon Mallus.

And who better than demon battling warlock Constantine to guide our Legends on this mission.

This episode served two purposes:

First to set up an origin for evil adult Nora Darhk and second to establish the totems as key to Mallus' defeat.

First! Mallus has possessed young Nora Darhk. It's a back and forth played out over the entire episode starting with Constantine and an attempted exorcism at the beginning and concludes with a Mallus possessed young Nori battling Ray and Zari in Central City's Jitters.

There was an odd intersection of time as young Nora learns of her father’s death via a newscast at Jitters - something that happened the end of Season 4 and beginning of Season 5 of Arrow.

And what's twisted IS adult Nora's origin!

Just when we think Ray and Zari, with help from dimensionally trapped Sara, have saved Nora from Mallus future Damien shows up AND with the doctor from the asylum.

Future Damien tells his daughter she must become a disciple of Mallus in order to resurrect him as adult Nora does in the episode Return of the Mack from earlier this season. He also tells her mental asylum doctor will be her guide. THAT IS SO MESSED UP Y’ALL. I'm scarred and I'm not a 12 year-old fictional character who’s resurrected dad institutionalized her and sold her out to a dimensional demon.

So the Totems -  to make sure Mallus’ hold on Nora goes unstopped Future Damien sends his agent, water witch Kuasas to confront the Legends at the Asylum at the beginning of our episode.

Kuasa fails in her mission getting stopped by Dr. Nate who's using Leo's cold gun. Why? I dunno. But once aboard the waverider, Amaya seizes the opportunity to speak to her granddaughter. This tenuous alliance may play out to our Legends benefit.

Later at Jitters a Mallus possessed Nora reacts to Zari's touch by telling her she's one of the six! And He means totems!

Afterwards Amaya and Zari break down the totems for us:

Amays is Spirit

Zari is Air

Kuasa is Water

Leaving Earth, Fire and an unknown sixth!

Who are some possibilities for Earth and Fire?

My comics addled mind immediately jumped to Teen Titans character Tara Markov aka Terra for Earth and sometime Justice League member Beatriz De Costa aka Green Fury aka Fire.

But any new addition to show typically means someone else leaves.

Like, I'm beginning to wonder after the loss of Dr. Stein then Jackson, the addition of Citizen Cold Leo then Constantine, then departure of Leo at the end of this episode, then the departure of guest star Constantine and the announced addition of Wally West Kid Flash - is there an actual game plan to character shuffle? Because my head spun more times than a possessed young Nora Darhk.

And is anyone else bothered when characters leave the ship they just walk of camera? Leo's like I'm outtie and back my dimension! But really it just looks like he's rounding the corner to craft services

Side note: Why did Leo Snart join two episodes ago only to leave this episode?

Like he left his boyfriend Ray Terrill, the Ray super-hottie Russell Tovey back on Earth X to travel with the Legends and only two episodes later he wanted to go back to Ray to get married.

Was the crew of the Legends that bad of a lay LOL? And if I were Ray and you came back to me, I'd be like "no." Mixed signals!

Up next! Let's get disco! A time loop traps our Legends aboard the waverider with Zari left to figure out why... Plus does a new Legend make his debut?

It's a new Legends of Tomorrow Here I Go Again

Photography By Reuben Gonzales