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Dallas mayor pro tem asks NRA to reconsider annual convention location

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DALLAS -- The gun debate is nearly locked and loaded in Dallas after Mayor Pro Tem, Dwaine Caraway, asked the NRA to stay away.

"The position that I am is one that is a personal position that I feel is necessary as an elected official,"  Caraway said at a press conference on Monday.

The organization scheduled its annual meetings for Friday, May 4 through Sunday, May 6 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. Caraway said now is the time to get in front of the city's issues with gun violence, but, make no mistake, he still supports the second amendment.

"I have 5 guns; one in my car and one in every room of my house," he said.

His problem is with a specific type of gun. That type is the AR 15 is a semi-automatic rifle which is popular with hunters. Recently, the rifle has been used in several mass shootings like the massacre in Florida.

The NRA hasn't said much publicly since that shooting, However, Dana Loesch, a spokesperson for the NRA responded to the people who blame the organization for the incident on twitter saying, in part:

"The NRA is a member organization of average Americans. It lacks the authority and resources to follow up on reported red flags like the FBI is supposed to do, yet is being blamed for somehow not doing the FBI's job."

Meanwhile, a local radio host who attended the press conference said Caraway is a little late jumping on board.

"I was at city hall, the first speaker, on January 24, and I was here to speak about doing something to stop the nra convention," 'So metro' talk show host James Dunn said.

He said a group of Dallas residents are planning a special type of protest ahead of the convention in hopes of shaking things up. While he wouldn't give details, he said it would be legal and peaceful.

Now the city will have to play the waiting game to see if the NRA will back down.


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