Plano City Council votes to censure Tom Harrison after controversial Facebook post

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PLANO, TX-- The votes are in! Plano City Council discussed a plan for Councilman Tom Harrison after he shared a controversial video on Facebook.

The city called a special meeting on Sunday and the community came out in full force.

"Today, we're out here to, basically, help him make up his mind. He's not welcome in our city," one Plano resident said.  "Post like these are just not welcomed in the city of Plano. We're a city of inclusion," another resident said.

The video in question was titled: "Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American schools."

The post remained on his page for nearly 16 hours before disappearing, but the reaction was much quicker with Plano's mayor calling for Harrison to disappear.

"I call this press conference to demand the immediate resignation of Tom Harrison. Mr. Harrison's position indicates he is unfit to represent this richly-diverse city," Mayor Harry Larosiliere said in a press conference Wednesday.

Fellow council members joined the mayor on Sunday and asked him to resign. However, he declined.

"I am not xenophobic. I am not a bigot. I am not a racist," Councilman Harrison said.  "I did put an apology out there. I did put a cautious note out there that says I will be cautious from now on but i will not resign."

So, the council did the only thing they could do. They voted 7-1 to censure Harrison.

"The censure is simply a public acknowledgment that we do not condone his actions with the Facebook posts," Larosiliere said following the special meeting on Sunday.

The city will soon find out if that'll make a difference, but you can bet some folks are still mad about it.


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