Local students compete for scholarship by raising funds to fight cancer

DALLAS, TX-- While lots of high school kids are home playing video games, six local teens will be out there hustling for funds to help save lives.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society kicked off the North Texas student of the year campaign with a big party on Saturday. The campaign has raised more than $250,000 since it began. This year, the goal is $95,000. The students have six weeks to make it happen.

"They have a huge capacity to give. Now, many of them have a family connection," Keith Pearson with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society said.

"My dad was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2000, October of 2000, and I was born in 2001 so cancer has just kind of always been apart of my life," participant Keely Campbell said. "When they asked me to do this I just felt like I couldn't say no."

"I recently had a friend who is going through leukemia and I see the changes that he has been going through. So, I really want to help the cause to bring better treatment for leukemia," participant Chelsea Gibson said.

All of the cash goes to the leukemia and lymphoma society. Whoever raises the most money gets a $5,000 scholarship to whichever school he or she chooses.

"Everybody wins. All the kids get this experience that they go through. The organization wins. The charity wins. The patients win," Pearson said.

Now it`s time for the students to go get that money!