Chinese New Year’s 15-day celebration underway

DALLAS - If you think your New Year's party is pretty good, it's probably got nothing on Chinese New Year as that version of the holiday lasts 15 days--and that doesn't even include New Year's Eve!

"It's almost like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, everything all rolled into one" says Sam Liu, who emceed the Crow Collection of Asian Art's 19th annual celebration festival Saturday at NorthPark Center mall in Dallas, a day after the New Year began according to the lunar calendar.  The free event featured eight hours of performances and interactive stations where people could learn more about the holiday and Chinese culture.

"The lion dance and the dragon dance, all those things are to scare off the 'evil spirits'" explains Liu.  "Gold and red are traditional symbols of wealth and fortune and happiness and prosperity, so you see a lot of gold and red."

That includes wearing those colors--even on underwear.  Hey, if it brings good fortune, why not?  Click here to learn lots more about Chinese New Year including other superstitions and taboos like not cleaning for a few days, not swearing or arguing during the entire holiday, and not using any sharp objects.