Humane Society of North Texas searching for stolen dog

FORT WORTH -- The Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth is searching for a stolen dog, and it hopes to get him back quickly as he had just begun treatment for kennel cough and needs daily medication.

An unidentified suspect entered the organization's rehab facility Wednesday night and exited with two dogs.

One, Sherman, was recovered the following morning thanks to tips from the community, tied to a tree and unharmed. Buster, a one-year-old tri-colored rottweiler, is still missing.

"People are looking," says senior director Ellen Rawlins.  "We have to get the word out."

CW33 was the first to obtain surveillance footage of the crime.

If you have any information about the suspect or Buster, please contact the Humane Society of North Texas by clicking here or calling (817) 332-4768.  We hope to get a happy update soon!