Wish granted for Dallas kid battling Leukemia

DALLAS -- Not everyone is lucky enough to have their wishes come true, but when you get the Make-a-Wish Foundation involved, the odds are in your favor. And that’s exactly why Olssen Fuentes, a third grader at Herbert Marcus Elementary, who’s also battling Leukemia, had his wish come true.

"He's a fighter and we really like him. His spirit is always happy. And we are so happy to have him as a wish kid," said Cristina Vela, a volunteer with Make-a-Wish.

But the unique thing about Olssen? Instead of wishing for a trip to Disney, or meeting a hero of his, he went a different direction.

"So when we met for the first time we asked him what was the wish that he wants, and he said that he would like to go on a shopping spree," said Vela. "We're going to pick him up in a limo and then we’re probably going to do lunch. And then we’re gonna go shopping for about four hours.

A great wish for a deserving kid. Let’s just hope he already has a good pair of walking shoes for his big day!