The South Florida school shooting reminds us of the bloody history of Valentine’s Day

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PARKLAND, FL -- A day that’s supposed to be all about love is becoming, to many, a day of sadness after news broke about the deadly high school shooting in Florida.

At least three well-known tragedies have fallen on Valentine’s Day.

If you crack open the history book to the year 1929, you’ll find something called the “Saint Valentine’s Day massacre.” That’s the name given to the brutal shooting deaths of seven gang members of the North Side Gang in Chicago. The massacre was allegedly planned by the legendary Al Capone.

Now fast-forward to February 14, 2008 when there was another mass shooting,  this one at Northern Illinois University. That’s when Steven Kazmierczak walked into a large lecture hall shooting 22 people, killing five.

And then there’s the shooting in South Florida from Wednesday – which is still developing as we speak.

Many people wear red on Valentine’s Day symbolizing passion, love, and desire. But if this pattern keeps up, they’ll be wearing red for a whole different reason.

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