DFW rapper working with Garland PD to help with community relations

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GARLAND- Since almost the beginning of time, it seems like guys named Moses have been leading people to do the right thing.

Now, it's Moses Uvere's turn.

"We get in front of people where we try to engage," Uvere said. "I'm hoping that with this, it'll spark new conversations of 'Hey, maybe all black people ain't as bad as people think they are, or maybe police officers ain't as bad as I think they are.'"

Uvere is a DFW rapper who's been working with the Garland Police Department to put together community outreach events, and now, he's dropping a music video dedicated to some of their work.

"I used to be afraid of police officers and not want to be around these people," Uvere said. "Now that I've had relationships with people, I'm realizing 'Oh, I have more empathy. I care about these people and they care about me.'"

Looks like it's more than just Garland PD officers who are trying to show their moves. Irving Police Department detention officers just released a little music video of their own.

"That's why I'm wanting to create this project, to bring people along and say 'Look, not everybody that wears a badge is bad or mean,'" Uvere said.

Moses' official video comes out tomorrow, but he's hoping we can start trying to understand each other, today.

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