#MeToo moves in on Olympian Shaun White & actor Scott Baio

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PYEONGCHANG COUNTY, SOUTH KOREA-- It looks like the #MeToo movement has moved all the way to the Olympics in South Korea.

Right after winning his third Olympic Gold medal, Shaun White basically shut down a reporter during his victory press conference. White was asked if past sexual allegations made by his former band-mate Lena Zawaideh would ruin his reputation.

"Honestly, I'm here to talk about the Olympics, not, you know, gossip." he answered.

Just last year, after admitting that he'd sent Lena lewd text messages, he reached an undisclosed settlement with her.

So, the musician turned pro-snowboarder wasn't able to glide over his "gossip" comment. Like we said, the #MeToo movement moved in on Shaun, prompting him to clear the air on the Today Show.

Back in Hollywood, where the movement was first born, another star is being accused of harassment.

"Charles" is no longer in charge because not one, but two of Scott Baio's former co-stars are speaking up.

First, it was Nicole Eggert who says Scott molested her when she was a minor.

Now, Alexander Polinsky is accusing Scott of verbal and physical abuse while on the set of "Charles in Charge."

"I'm praying for him in all of this and I still have hope he can realize his wrongdoings apologize publicly," Polinsky said at a news conference.

So far, the only thing public Scott has done is shut down allegations via Facebook live.

The way this drama is heating up, it seems like Scott's happy days are over.

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