Female inmates at Dallas County Jail dance for a cause

DALLAS -- There's nothing like stepping in the name of love, right?

On Valentine's Day, some of the ladies locked up at Dallas County Jail put on a special performance; their version of the Cha Cha is apart of the 'One Billion Rising' initiative.

For the past five years, OBR has used this initiative and the Resolana Program to put a spotlight on violence against women and children.

"Today, I rise for the children who have been raped and have no voice and no help," one female inmate said.

Here's a heartbreaking statistic: Did you know 1 in 3 women will be either beaten or raped during her lifetime?

"Without this program, I would still be a number," she continued.

Along with the #MeToo movement gaining a lot of momentum outside these brick walls,  these ladies are feeling more free than ever in expressing themselves.

"I rise to put a name with this statistic. I'm not a statistic anymore; my name is Nicole and I survived abuse," added another.

Their special talent show also showcased their handmade 'Shero' dolls, representing "the outer expression of their changing inner realities."

"Today,  I present to you my Shero. Her name is Venus because she's the queen of love," one inmate presented.

Here's to spreading love, no matter where you are.