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Dallas Zoo ditches plastics, hopes you will be mindful too

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DALLAS -- If movie scenes like the one in Finding Dory don’t make you care about the earth a least a little… well, you’re missing something. The movie draws attention to ocean pollution, mainly the dangers of using plastic.

That movement has made its way to Dallas. “The zoo has said goodbye to plastic bags and plastic water bottles. we are leaving that stuff behind.” Ben Jones, Senior Director at the Dallas Zoo.

So, if you like to visit the zoo as much as we do… you won’t get a plastic bag at the gift shop anymore.  You’ll have to buy water in a can… or use a drinking fountain.

Jones says, “So much of this stuff is not malicious, it’s just us living our daily lives.”

He says plastic can kill sea turtles, whales, dolphins, or birds.

Jones isn’t blaming anyone in particular, he just hopes you’ll be mindful of how much plastic you’re using. “It seems simple, but on a big scale it really works.”

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