Local businesses ‘wow” us with sweet marketing on Valentine’s Day

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DALLAS -- You smell that? Well, it's not only "love" in the air it might be the sweet smell of donuts too!

The good people at "Hurt's Donuts" in Frisco hired a couple of cupids to dance around and deliver some sweet treats. Newsfix was able to catch one on the go!

"I'm the God of love, attraction and desire." Cupid explained. "I'm out here spreading some joy cause what is more attractive and desirous than donuts."

This isn't the first time Hurt's added a twist.

Remember that creepy clown showing up with more treats than tricks during Halloween?

Or what about their delicious spin on that crazy Tide-pod challenge the kids are doing?

Some would call it clever marketing but Hurt's isn't the only business that's caught the love bug this year.

We brought you the story last week on Brain Dead Brewery in Deep Ellum. They also got smart and offered to host weddings at their place.

Well, those wedding bells rang on V-Day -- or in this case the beer mugs clanked for several newlyweds.

"Our officiate got sick with the flu and we wrote Kevin and he squeezed us in last minute and made it wonderful for us," Jose & Lana Camacho told NewsFix.

Karen and Randy Brack also tied the knot again after 45 years of renewing their vows.

"We've had voodoo ceremony,  married at sea by a ship's captain, whenever the opportunity comes we love to say we love each other again," the two love birds explained.

We'll drink to all that extra loving being served up on Valentine's Day.

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