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Dump Truck of Love: twisted Valentine’s Day celebration in Dallas

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DALLAS-- You know that feeling you get when all your co-workers have flowers on their desks.... and you got nothing?

Or maybe you have been eye rolling every time you've walked into a store this week.

Regardless, if you`re single this Valentine's Day, or just over your ex, you're going to fall in love with this twisted Valentine's Day celebration.

It's called the Dump Truck of Love.

Don't let the handsome men in tuxedos fool you. While they are handing out flowers, and some joy, it is not a couple's event.

Renee Ferguson, owner of Junk King Dallas pulled out all the stops for the event. Her company is a junk removal service, but on Valentine's Day they are using one of their trucks to rid the heart of bad memories.

"It's very hard sometimes for people to identify with all the love and joy," Ferguson says.

Heartbroken people were invited to a Dallas Parking lot to dump ex-lover's belongings.

You won't believe what some people threw out.

One person stopped by with a set of glassware used for a sand joining tradition some people do at their weddings.

"The wedding got trashed, and so did the sand idea, you know it's kinda like the candles when you join the candles, but this was sand," Ferguson says.

NewsFix caught up with one woman who was letting go of a long love affair with a teddy bear. Funny thing is, she's been married for 25 years and seriously still has the little guy from a long lost lover.

"Because he`s cute." she explains. "He`s cute and I didn`t know what to do with it, and then this came up and I was like this is just a neat idea."

Speaking of bears... another person thew out a huge teddy bear.

"They no longer want those memories of that time with the guy." says Ferguson. "He`s a cutie though, he`ll get donated."

See, that`s the cool thing. You`ve dumped the person, now the stuff, but the dump truck is making another stop.

"We will recycle and donate what we get, so you know it`s passing on the love, so to speak."

Awww, how sweet. You`re trashed memories can be someone else`s treasure. Happy Valentine's Day!


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