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Better Business Bureau warns of ‘romance scams’ ahead of Valentine’s Day

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DALLAS, TX-- This one is for all the hopeless romantics! If you're out there looking for love on social media, you've got to be really careful.

The Better Business Bureau says 'romance scams' have cost people nearly $1 billion in the last three years. "The scheme can affect anyone. Anyone kind and trusting is ultimately vulnerable," BBB's Phylissa Landix Clarke BBB said.

The BBB partnered with the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Postal Inspection Service, Guardianship Services Inc., and even AARP to get the word out.

"There are one million seniors skipping meals today because they've been financially exploited," Lyn Scott of Texas Guardianship Services Inc. said.

BBS Scam Tracker website lets you can report scams and search for popular scams.

The bureau has a few tips to keep you safe:

-Protect your identity and your wallet. Don't give out too much info.

-Do your research. Is this even a real person you're talking to? Make them prove it.

-Ask for details.

-Pay attention to communication.

If you do all that and they still get you, report it every place you can. "They should file complaints with the dating platform that they're using or the website. They should file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, with the Attorney General's office," the FTC's Dama Brown said.

Now, go out there and find your true love! 😍 Just remember all that glitters isn't gold. 😉

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